Solid wood shell for

natural climate regulation


Build your Wood100® home

The healthiest, most sustainable home

Architectural styles and tastes vary. The Wood100® DLT system gives you (almost) total architectural design freedom. The standard wooden system parts fulfil every need from a private house with modern low energy consumption levels to commercial buildings for innovative and cost-conscious businesses.


Step One: Initial Conversation

As a first step we suggest you give us a call or send us an email so we can arrange an initial conversation. We can go over the entire process with you, understand your build needs and you can get a chance to ask any questions about a Wood100®DLT.

If you still feel it’s for you then we’ll give you a very rough initial price for Wood100®DLT.

Step Two: Ironing out the Details

If you want to go ahead from here we’ll gather more specific detail regarding your build requirements and develop a 3D design estimate with more refined preliminary pricing. We have a team of architectural designers, experienced in working with Wood100®DLT who can help you design your project. They will speak with you to identify your preferred style and layout of home and provide you with design ideas. We charge a small fee for this work but it is credited to the rest of the project should you continue.

glass walls from the interior

Step Three: Refining the Design Details

Next is the time to really refine your design details. We will work with you to ensure we have a clear understanding of the final vision you have for your project. You can send us images, photos, links to projects, or architects drawings. The design services include all drawings required for building approval in your area, structural analysis by an engineer and construction drawings (to around 90% of final) for use by your builder and sub-trades for budgeting purposes. Energy Modelling will be done at this stage if required by your municipality. We will ensure collaboration between us, engineers, your contractor and architect if you are using one. This step of the process will be undertaken at an hourly rate and we will provide a contract for these services detailing the work we will complete at this stage.

After finalization of any remaining construction drawing details and engineering we provide you with a Contract for the Wood100 package shipped to your construction site (it will include all elements provided by ITF: Wood100 DLT panels, timberframe, wood fibre insulation, stamped final drawings).

custom installation

Step Four: Site Survey & Delivery of your Wood100 Package

Prior to installation a site survey will be undertaken where we ensure the site foundation is ready for receipt of the Wood100 package. We will coordinate with your contractor, visit the construction site and inspect foundation preparation and dimensions, ensuring any changes required to match the Wood100 components are undertaken.

We will keep you and your contractor up to date regarding the delivery date of the Wood100 package in order to arrange crane rental and installation. International Timberframes can supply the installation service working in partnership with your contractor. We have expertise with wall and roof components, wood fibreboard, waterproof membrane, strapping and fasteners for efficient installation.

So strong was our belief in the philosophy behind and benefits of his product we approached Erwin and asked if we could be the first partner for Holz100 in Canada. We both import the product manufactured in their European facilities and produce Wood100® here in Canada.

Ready to get started on your Wood100 home?

It all begins with a conversation. Give us a call, or drop us an email - we'd be happy to hear about your vision for your new home.